Tips For Maintenance Of A Rusted Chain Link Fence

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A chain-link fence is ideal for swimming pools, play areas, and securing pets in a home environment. More so, it is easy to install and doesn't need much maintenance. However, you may notice that your chain link has rust, especially if it constantly comes into contact with moisture. Further, once a small part of the fence starts rusting, it spreads all over the space. Note that your best bet in dealing with the problem begins with cleaning it and preventing it from spreading. Here's everything you need to know about cleaning rust on this fence.

Start by Cleaning Off the Rust

If the rusting process has just started, you can clean it without involving hired help. This is because all you need is a wire brush or regular broom to scrub the dust, cobwebs, and any other environmental debris in the area you want to clean. After this, take a garden hose and set it to jet. Once you do this, the water will flow out at extremely high pressures and strip all the rust from the material. After you remove the rust, paint, and other debris, you can reduce the speed of the hose and clean the fence regularly.

Consider Galvanizing the Fence

Galvanizing is a treatment that will work better than sealing the chain link after you've cleaned the rust off. So, speak to a fencing contractor and find out if you can improve your existing fence. If this is not possible, they can supply a chain link galvanized with vinyl. Note that the coating will prevent water from reaching the metal, reacting with it, and forming rust again. Moreover, galvanized fences come in many colors, and you can choose the one that best blends with the rest of your home's décor.

Think of Replacing the Fence

Consider replacing the fence with a new one if you have expansive patches of rust. This is because cleaning and sealing the current barrier is only temporary, and the same problem will recur sooner or later. On the other hand, the good thing about creating a new budget and buying a fresh roll of chain link is that you can invest in the latest technology to prevent corrosion. Also, note that allowing a fence with vast rust to remain in place compromises your security. So, speak with an installation contractor and a supplier near you to determine the best installation going forward.

Chain link fences are excellent at securing properties. But once it starts rusting, you must decide whether to clean it up, replace the damaged bits, or overhaul the fence. Whatever decision you make, work with a professional fence contractor in your area.