4 Reasons Chain Link Fencing Is A Good Match For Commercial Properties

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If you own a commercial building on your own lot, you'll be responsible for your own security. You may want to put a fence around your property to keep the building secure at night. If you offer professional services, you might want an upscale fence. However, if you have an operation such as a retail shop, laundromat, or repair business, a chain link fence might be a good choice. Here's why chain link fencing is a good option for many commercial properties.

1. The Fencing Comes In Different Heights 

If you want a fence that's taller than usual to protect the back of your property, chain link fencing is a good option. You'll have to comply with local codes that regulate how tall commercial fencing can be, but if a tall fence is allowed, you can choose chain link and have improved security. Chain link fencing can even be topped with slanted rows of wire or barbed wire to discourage vandals from climbing the fence.

2. The Fencing Is See-Through

Being able to see through the fence could work for your advantage since it makes it harder for intruders to hide on your property and work unseen when they try to break in. Passing cars and police patrols can see through the fence and notice prowlers. This alone might discourage vandals, but if they still attempt to trespass, they'll have a higher chance of getting caught when compared to being able to hide behind a privacy fence.

3. Chain Link Fencing Can Have An Attractive Look

Bare chain link fences have an industrial-type look to them, and if you don't like that look, you can choose a chain link fence that is wrapped in vinyl. The vinyl coatings come in different colors, so you can choose a color that matches your property, company colors, or environment. Plus, the vinyl coating makes the fence easier to care for and more attractive to look at every day from inside your building.

4. Chain Link Fencing Is Durable

Chain link fencing lasts a long time, so it's a good investment. Strong storms won't blow the fence down since the wind blows right through it. Snow may pass through rather than pile up and push the fence over. The posts of a chain link fence are sunk in concrete just like any other fence, but the fence mesh and posts are made of metal so they don't rot or get eaten by termites. That means your fence may not need many repairs during its long life.