When Should You Call In A Fence Repair Company? 3 Signs To Keep An Eye On

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Wooden fences have what it takes to give your home an attractive contemporary look. Unfortunately, the effects of wear and tear can weaken your fence or affect its appearance. Therefore, it is essential to know the warning signs signifying that it is time for fence repair.

It is important to remember that fence repairs shouldn't be handled by anyone out there. Not even a DIY enthusiast should undertake this task because they might make the situation worse. The wisest thing to do is to hire a reputable fence company because they have what it takes to get the job done right the first time. With that in mind, here are the signs that you should call in a fence repair company.

1. When Your Wooden Fence Becomes Pest Infested

Wood fences are usually treated with protective products to keep pest infestation at bay. However, the ability to ward off pest problems is bound to decrease as time goes by. As a result, pests such as ants can infiltrate your wooden fence and cause a lot of destruction.

Consulting a trustworthy fence contractor is critical when you notice this problem. Failure to do so immediately will make the situation worse, and you might have to replace the entire fence. Addressing the issue early enough means that minor repair is all it will take to fix the problem, saving your hard-earned money.

2. When Your Fence Posts Become Warped or Bent

The structural integrity of your fence depends on the condition of its posts. That is why professional fence builders always secure fence posts using concrete foundations during the installation process. However, the effects of wear and tear can sometimes take a toll on the concrete foundation, making the post prone to bending, leaning, and warping issues.

Leaning posts can exert pressure on the entire fence, and it will only be a matter of time before it falls. This might result in property damage should the fence fall on a vehicle, house, or other valuables.

3. When Your Wooden Fence Becomes Discolored

Apart from making your fence unsightly, discoloration typically indicates other underlying problems. Mold is one of the reasons that can make your fence develop ugly stains. Algae will also make your fence have a greenish color. What's more, a gray color may indicate that your wood fence is drying out. In short, you should talk to an experienced fence company if you notice any color change.

The above are signs to help you know when your fence isn't in good shape. Should you notice any of the signs, call professional fence builders immediately.

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