Reasons To Install A New Fence Around Your Home

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Fences have a lot of purposes, and there are as many different fence choices as reasons for installing one. It doesn't matter if you are buying a new house or have lived on the property for years. Here are some reasons to consider a fence for your yard. 

A Fence for Privacy

For some people, the biggest reason to consider putting up a fence is privacy. In many new developments, the yards are small and houses are very close to each other. If you want to sit in the yard and have coffee in the morning, a fence may make it more comfortable to relax and enjoy the yard. A privacy fence should be high enough to keep people from looking into the yard from a standing height. Six to eight feet is typical for privacy fences in many areas, and most of them are made from wood that only has minimal spacing between the boards, making it hard to look through the fence. 

A Fence for Security

Security is another common reason people put up fences. If you can close off the yard and keep people out of it, it stands to reason that the house will also be more secure. There is some truth to that, but be selective about the fence you consider for security purposes. Some fences can make it easier for someone to hide in the yard unseen. A security fence only works if it is closed and locked. Often security fences are made from chain link fencing with barbed wire tops, but if you want to avoid the prison look for your home, a wooden or vinyl fence might be a better option. Talk to a fence contractor about what types of security fences they offer if you are not sure what to buy. 

A Fence for Pets

If you have pets, especially dogs, a fence is a good idea. It will keep Fido in, and at the same time, protect them from other dogs in the neighborhood. When selecting a fence to keep your pets in the yard, consider the dogs needs as well as yours. If the dog id a digger, you may need to have a concrete border poured around the perimeter and set the fence posts into that. Depending on the dog, you may have to go a few feet deep to keep them from digging under it. If your dog is a jumper, you also need to consider the height of the fence. Some dogs can easily clear a six-foot high fence, so if you are trying to keep the dog in, you need to consider these kinds of things. 

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