3 Creative Ways To Give Your Vinyl Fence Some Personality

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Adding a fence around the perimeter of your property can provide protection and privacy for your home. Vinyl fencing is durable and easy to maintain, making it a great option for homeowners looking for a fence that will withstand the test of time.

Once your vinyl fence has been installed, you may find that it looks a bit plain. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily customize your vinyl fencing so that it has personality to spare.

1. Install some art pieces.

When you are trying to give your vinyl fencing some personality, it can be helpful to view the fence as a large wall. Adding some art pieces can be a simple and effective way to give your vinyl fence some added interest.

Use specialized hooks that won't mar the surface of your fence to hang metal, wood, or stone art pieces that are designed for outdoor use. Your local garden store can be a great resource when it comes to sourcing art for your vinyl fence. 

2. Add some foliage.

Since your vinyl fence is already a part of your home's landscape, you can use natural elements to enhance the character of a plain fence. Foliage provides a colorful and vibrant source of decor for giving your vinyl fence some personality.

You can hang planter boxes over the top of your fence or plant flowering shrubs along the base of the fenceline. A tall vinyl fence can easily be transformed into a vertical garden by adding a trellis and some climbing ivy or trellising vegetables like cucumber and pumpkin.

The possibilities are endless when you begin to think of ways to incorporate foliage into the design of your vinyl fence.

3. Hang some bird or bat houses.

While a fence is designed to keep many types of wildlife out of your yard, encouraging birds and bats to frequent your property can be beneficial. Bird watching is an enjoyable activity for the whole family. Bats can be extremely useful when it comes to controlling the mosquito population in your yard.

Your vinyl fence can serve as the backdrop for some bird and bat houses that will give these winged wildlife species a place to feel comfortable in your yard. You can mount the houses to the top of each fence post, or install hanging hooks that allow the bird and bat houses to hang suspended from your fencing. For more information, talk with a company like Arizona Fence Experts.