Remove Scratches From An Aluminum Privacy Fence And Increase The Metal's Shine

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If the aluminum privacy fence that surrounds the pool in your backyard has visible scratches on portions of it and has a dull surface, remove signs of damage and enhance the aluminum's shine by completing the steps below. 


Clean The Aluminum's Surface And Remove Scratches

Pour a small amount of aluminum polish onto a damp sponge. Wipe the sponge over both sides of the fence to remove stains, fingerprints, and loose debris. Afterwards, rinse the fence off with a water hose and wait for the aluminum to dry. You can also speed up the drying process by wiping off both sides of the fence with towels. Pour a few drops of cerium oxide (jeweler's polish) onto a buffing pad.

Apply the side of the sponge that has cerium oxide applied to it directly against each scratch. Move the buffing pad around in tiny circles. Add more polish to the pad if it is necessary in order to remove all of the imperfections in the aluminum's surface or use a fresh buffing pad that has cerium oxide poured onto it. Once each scratch is no longer visible, use a water hose to rinse away excess cerium oxide and wait for both sides of the fences to dry. 

Increase The Shininess Of The Aluminum

Pour a product that is designed to increase the shininess of aluminum onto a polishing cloth. Wipe the polish onto both sides of the fence in an even manner. If any residue remains on parts of the fence, eliminate it with a clean cloth. In order to protect the aluminum from becoming scratched or losing its shine, apply a clear protective coating of sealant over the fence that has been formulated for use on metal. Mix the contents of a can of sealant until it is well-blended. Use a paint roller to apply the product in even lines.

Coat one side of the fence completely before applying the sealant to the other side. If there are any intricate details in the fence's design, use a thin paintbrush to cover them with sealant. After the sealant dries, you can open and close the entryway to the fence without needing to worry about damage occurring. The aluminum will be well-protected on a daily basis so that it isn't subjected to scratches and so that is retains its shininess. 

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