Want To Create The Basis For Quality Commercial Security? Get Started With A Chain-Link Fence

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Security is a topic that should not be overlooked when it comes to running a business because there is so much at stake. A single commercial property contains the building itself, valuable information, money, merchandise, and equipment that you use to operate your business. It also includes your employees and customers, both of which you will want to provide a safe place to work and spend time. An excellent first step to creating a thorough security system on your property is installing a chain-link fence.

Prioritize High Gauge Steel

Chain-link is rather affordable for businesses, even though it will cost more than residential fences. Opting for somewhere between 8 and 12 feet high is a good measure to protect your property from intruders. You may have an open entrance for visitors and employees to drive in and park their vehicle, but being able to block off most of the area and funnel people into a specific part of the property is ideal for security. With this in mind, you should opt for the highest gauge steel that you are able to afford. Strong steel makes it tough to cut through, drive through, and it provides more resilience against the elements.

Install Flood Lighting

If you want powerful lights that will give you plenty of illumination at night, flood lights are the way to go. These lights are also what you need to deter criminals who want to invade your property at nighttime. An ideal way to incorporate these lights is to attach them to the top of the chain-link fence. If this is not possible or something that you want to put effort into accomplishing, you can add them to nearby buildings. The great thing about a chain-link fence in this situation is it will not obstruct vision.

Add Security Cameras

A chain-link fence with strong steel and flood lights is a powerful security setup on its own, but you can make it even better by adding security cameras throughout the entire property. These are best installed on the corners of buildings, and it is ideal when you get ones that rotate to gain maximum coverage. You should be able to capture anything either day or night with the addition of flood lights. It is worthwhile to cover the areas beyond the fence to capture footage of anyone who may be lurking suspiciously.

Although you could look into other fencing options, it is hard to beat the flexibility that a chain-link fence provides, especially when such a fence is capable of reaching 12 feet in height for superb protection. Contact a business, such as Fence Pro, for more information.