Three Fun And Easy Ways To Decorate And Revitalize An Old Picket Fence

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Do you have an old picket fence that is starting to look a bit worse for wear? If you're not quite ready to replace it, there are a few ways to spruce it up and make it look more presentable until you are. Here are some fun and easy methods to try.

Make it colorful.

Most picket fences are white, brown or some other neutral color. Since your fence is near the end of its life anyways, why not make it vibrantly colored and use it to add some artistic flair to your space? The bright colors will distract people from noticing any broken pickets and worn spots. Start by preparing your fence. Use a wire brush to give it a good scrub, removing dirt and chipping paint. Then apply a coat of outdoor primer. Once the primer is dry,  it's time to start painting. You can paint all of the pickets the same color and all of the posts another color, or you can alternate between colors as you work your way through the pickets. Be creative – feel free to draw on some flowers, balloons, or geometric patterns with a  smaller paint brush.

Plant some vines.

If you plant some vining plants along the base of the fence and allow them to climb up it, they will fill in the spaces between the pickets and you really won't be able to notice any damage. As vines cause damage to wooden fences, this is not an idea you'd want to try with a new fence – so this old fence gives you the opportunity to enjoy it. Some good vines to plant are:

Be generous when planting the seeds. You can always thin the vines out later if needed, but you want them to be really dense. Water your seeds daily to ensure they germinate and grow in lush and full.

String up some lights.

This is the simplest idea of them all. Take some outdoor holiday lights, and weave them through the pickets. At night, the fence will light up and look beautiful, even if it does still look a bit run down during the day. You can combine this idea with the painting project suggested above. That way, your fence looks bright and colorful by day, and bright and illuminated by night.

For more ideas on how to spruce up your wood fencing or to find out what your options for replacing it are, contact a fencing contractor like Buyrningwood Farm Inc.