The Differences Between Building A Fence And Installing A Fence And Why They're Important

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If you are like most homeowners, you have probably considered getting a fence in around your property. A fence provides greater privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors as well as a safer haven for children and pets to play. However, there are some big differences between installing a fence and building a fence, as well as a difference between a fence builder and a fence contractor. Here are those differences and why they are important to your fence or home perimeter project.

A Fence Builder Builds

A fence builder is typically someone who designs your fence for you, cuts every board on the premises, constructs every panel and every post separately, and then installs them around your yard. He or she may have one or two assistants that help with the work so that the fence is straight, upright and well-supported while it is being installed. Most of the time, the tools used are hand tools, like a circular saw, hammer and nails, posthole digger and a drill with an attachment for mixing cement.

A Fence Contractor Installs Pre-Fabricated Sections

Although many fence contractors can also be fence builders, most of them prefer to install pre-fabricated fencing panels. The fence is installed faster and with minimal effort. An entire crew of workers may be on the project, installing several sections of your fence around the perimeter of your yard at the same time until the sections meet and come together. Several power tools may be involved, including a table saw that can cut sections of fence down to size when the fence nears the corners of your lot, and a portable cement mixer that keeps the wet cement mixed and ready to use.

Why the Differences Are Important

If you want a custom fence, then a fence builder is the better option since he or she will create a very unique fence just for you. The wood that a fence builder uses can be cut to a taller or shorter height to fit your needs. Special designs, carvings and even paint colors are used by fence-building craftsmen.

If time is of the essence and/or you would prefer a fence made of vinyl, aluminum or any other material besides wood, then the fencing contractor is ideal. He or she can find and install fences of all kinds, and the pre-fabricated materials mean that very little measuring and cutting of raw materials is necessary. It also means that your new fence may cost less, since your fencing contractor can find and purchase pre-fabricated materials in bulk, thereby reducing the overall estimated cost. Contact a company, such as Absolute Fencing LLC, for more information.