Need Backyard Fencing? The Pros And Cons Of 4 Common Fence Materials

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Enclosing your backyard with a fence is a great way to add privacy or some much needed separation from your neighbors. With so many materials to pick from, you may be confused on which one is best for your home. Here are 4 common fencing materials you will have to choose from.


If you want a fence with a traditional look, wrought-iron is going to be the way to go. The main benefit is how well the material lasts, withstanding all types of weather conditions; you will not have to repair or replace the material as often as you would with something like wood. Wrought-iron can also make your home look distinguished. Your fencing contractor can customize the post tops, install gate arches, and add other unique elements that will help it stand out.

Unfortunately, wrought-iron is not great for privacy. You should only get this fence if you find the look appealing, not if you want to prevent neighbors from looking in.


Chain-link is commonly used in public settings because it has a great combination of being both affordable and durable. If you need to permanently fence in a large area, chain-link will be the best way to do it.

The biggest disadvantage of chain-link fencing is that the material comes in standard sizes, so it can be difficult to make a very tall chain-link fence or have it customized. It also lacks the visual privacy that other materials offer.


Wood will offer you a great combination in terms of looks, privacy, and price. The material is all organic, so it is going to look beautiful when framing in your backyard. You also have the option to stain the wood whatever color you want, and you can even change it up later if you want.

Many homeowners do not like wood because of the maintenance. Things such as sealing the wood so that it does not rot and re-staining the material when the color fades can deter those who would prefer something maintenance free. 


Vinyl is great because it has the durability and privacy that wood provides, but it comes at a higher price. But homeowners love it because it is low maintenance. You can clean the material with a pressure washer, and it can withstand high winds and take more wear and tear.

While there is no such thing as a perfect fence, understanding the pros and cons of each material will help guide you in selecting the fence that is right for your home. Contact a local fencing contractor for more information.