Vinyl Is A Great Fence Material For Phoenix

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The extreme Phoenix summer heat can take its toll on your home and yard. The sun can kill your grass while it fades and warps your wooden fence. If you are looking to remodel your landscaping and give your exterior a fresh new look, you should first consider investing in a vinyl fence. Vinyl is a great material that can stand up to the harsh Phoenix sun. This article will explain why it is such a great material for fences, especially in Arizona.

Vinyl is Fade Resistant

Over time, the sun will cause just about anything to fade. But, vinyl will fade much slower than paint or stain on wooden fences because it is dyed, not painted. The entire piece of fencing is the same color. So, if vinyl scratches or deteriorates, it does not expose a core of a different color. In fact, one reason vinyl is so popular as a building material is the fact that small scratches, dents and dings are hardly visible.

The fade resistance of vinyl also means that it is water resistant. Vinyl is completely unaffected by water. In fact, the best way to clean a vinyl fence is to just spray it down with a pressure washer. This is much easier than trying to clean and reseal a wooden fence. A wooden fence will need to be restained and refinished every few years. This project is time consuming and expensive. Luckily, vinyl fences never need to be repainted, resanded, resealed, or refinished. A vinyl fence will remain waterproof without any extra care or refinishing over the years.

A Low Maintenance and Beautiful Material

Obviously, one of vinyl's best selling points is the fact that it requires such little maintenance. You will waste no time or money trying to seal it to protect it from the elements. Likewise, you do not need to worry about termite or pest damage.

You will also be pleased with the wide range of styles that are available. You can choose from a variety of finishes and colors. Some vinyl fence products have subtle textures that add a little class to the fence. Also, not all vinyl fences are shiny or plastic-like. You can find vinyl fences with subtle matte finishes that look more natural.

It is hard to beat vinyl when it comes to investing in a new fence for your Phoenix home. It is the most practical solution for homeowners.

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