Cool Climbers For Your Ornamental Fencing

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An ornamental fence, like iron fencing from professional businesses like City Wide Fence Co, can provide the help you need to contain and accent your property. However, it might not provide the sense of security as more opaque fencing or help to keep nosy neighbors from peeking in your yard. If you want to add some privacy to your property, consider some cool climbing plants to fill-in wrought iron and metal fences.

Some perfect climbers for metal fences include:

Flowering vines.

When selecting plants to climb on your ornamental fencing, it is important to choose hardy varieties that can withstand the sun and exposure. These may or may not produce blooms, though these flowers could help fill in and keep out prying eyes. Talk with landscapers about the best choices for your specific climate and budget.

Some intriguing options include the following:

Lush foliage.

The thick coverage of ivy makes it a good choice for planting on and near fences around the home. These are typically easy to grow, and the rich green color brings a soothing aspect to the fence facade.

Some hardy, resilient plants that make good climbers include:

Climbing plants help to give a property fence a bit more coverage and camouflage, which may help preserve privacy in your home. This can also yield a sense of security, knowing that there is a natural barrier between your family, and the outside world. Talk with fencing contractors and landscapers about the best climbing plants for your distinct ornamental fence.