How To Decide If A Chain Link Fence Is A Good Choice For Your Dog

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Unless you live out in the country away from other homes and roads, you'll want to put a fence around your property when you bring home a new dog. A fence keeps your dog out of trouble and also protects against stray dogs and dognappers. If you hate the thought of putting up a fence that blocks your view, then chain link fencing is the solution. Here's what to consider about installing a chain link fence when you have a dog in the yard. 

Your Neighbors

If you have close neighbors, you may need to go with a privacy fence rather than a chain link fence depending on the circumstances. If your dog is a breed that is protective of property, he may bark and growl when your neighbor gets too close to the fence. If one of your neighbors has a dog, the dogs may fight through a chain link fence if they can see each other. Also, a chain link fence might not work if your neighbor has small kids. They may tease your dog or get him excited by running and yelling in the yard. However, if your dog is calm and your neighbors are too, then a chain link fence may be perfect. You and your dog will be able to see through the fence so you won't feel claustrophobic, especially if you have a small yard.

Type Of Dog

A chain link fence is suitable for all kinds of dogs. If you have a husky jumper, you won't have to worry about your dog knocking the fence down. If you happen to have a digger on your hands, you'll need to bury chicken wire under the fence--but you'd have to do that with any other type of fence you install too.

Appearance Of Fence

You may be thinking you don't want an industrial-looking fence around your property, especially if you own an upscale home. Then all you have to do is buy a chain link fence that's coated in vinyl. These come in different colors. For example, a black fence is very attractive and is suitable for all types of properties. A chain link fence maintains its look well with little maintenance too. A wood fence can rot and get weak if you don't perform regular maintenance on it. 

The only time a chain link fence is not a good option is when you want complete privacy in your backyard whether for you or your dog. However, the good news is you can install a chain link fence now and modify it later by weaving privacy strips through it to block the holes. That's the best of both worlds. This also allows you to block off one side of your yard that has a problem neighbor and leave the rest of your fence open.