4 Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Getting out of Your Fence

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If you have a dog, you probably understand the importance of having a fence in place to prevent it from getting out of your backyard. What you might not have anticipated, however, is just how easily many dogs can get out of fences. Luckily, there are things that you can do to help keep your dog restrained. Then, you don't have to worry about your furry friend getting lost or hurt, and you also don't have to worry about getting in trouble with those in your community for violating leash laws.

1. Choose a Taller Fence

First of all, you should consider choosing the tallest fence that you can afford. Many dogs are able to jump over fences, and you might be surprised by how high even small dogs can climb. By installing a taller fence, you can help prevent your dog from being able to climb out.

2. Make Visibility Difficult

Many dogs only want to get out of the fence because they see something on the outside that interests them. Therefore, if you can restrict your dog's visibility, it might be easier to keep it in your fence. A privacy fence—or any fence that has full panels instead of pickets—can be a good option for this. You can also try using bushes or climbing plants to help provide privacy and prevent your dog from being able to see what is on the other side.

3. Think about Digging

Dogs are natural-born diggers, and some dogs can dig a hole under a fence more quickly than you think. This is especially an issue if you have smaller dogs, but even big dogs can create huge holes and wiggle through them in a hurry. Consider adding chicken wire along the bottom perimeter of your fence to prevent this problem. Another option is to pour concrete around the inside of the fence to prevent digging; then, you can cover it up with dirt or mulch.

4. Install Secure Hardware

Make sure that the hardware that allows you to open and close your fence is secure. Some dogs are too smart for their own good and are able to figure out how to open simple hardware. Adding a padlock can be a good way to prevent this from happening while also protecting your property.

Installing a fence can be a great way to protect your dog and keep it on your property, but you may still have to worry about it escaping. Luckily, following these four tips can help prevent that from happening. Find a fence contractor in your area, such as York Fence, today and get started with securing your yard.