Choosing Between Finial Styles For A Wrought Iron Fence

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Wrought iron fences add a sophisticated flair to your yard. They're an upscale choice that nonetheless provide utilitarian benefits, too. As the Landscaping Network points out, they offer good security because they're difficult to scale. Part of that difficulty comes from the finials along the top of the fence.

Wrought iron fences are very customizable, and that benefit extends to their finials. Keep reading to discover different finial styles and how they can work for you.

Pressed Spear

The most basic form of finial is the pressed spear. The manufacturers pinch the end of the picket to create a flattened spearhead. The effect is highly geometric with little ornamentation. This style of finial will work well as a deterrent to climbing. It's ideal for a simple, even modern fence with little ornamentation.

Triad Spear

The next step up in ornamentation is the triad spear. This finial starts with a proper spearhead. From the central point, an additional point arcs out on either side, which creates that three-point spear. This type of finial works well for more ornamental styles of fences. You can even order them powder coated in gold. The three points offer a high level of security.


The fleur-de-lis finial takes its inspiration from the French ornament. It looks similar to the triad spear in that it features a central spear with two points curving from the middle. However, these points curve all the way into a semi-circle, so they point down. The fleur-de-lis is one of the more ornamental styles, though it still offers security.

Quad Spear and Ball

The quad spear and ball final is more involved. It features a three-dimensional, four-point spear at the center. Fins flare out at the bottom. Manufacturers top the finial with a ball. The ball adds to the decorative factor. However, it also dulls the edge of the spear. So, this type of finial is more appropriate for decorative, rather than high-security, fences.

Hoop and Spear

The hoop and spear finial is even more involved. It starts with the quad spear and ball at its base. However, manufacturers alternate an exposed finial with one covered with a hoop. So, this finial style is highly decorative, but not very secure because the hoop adds another layer of safety. That said, it does increase the fence height, too.

Most of the above finial styles also come with different levels of ornamentation. For instance, you can choose a simple fleur-de-lis, or one with added ornamentation. Keep in mind both your desired level of security and ornamentation when choosing from the above finial styles. 

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